Located on iconic N. Robertson Blvd
in WeHo, The Assembly is a specialty coffee shop and community space
serving Counter Culture Coffee, with curated retail offerings by Poketo.

At The Assembly, we seek to create an inviting space for the community, where coffee serves as the invitation for people to come gather and engage in meaningful exchange and conversation. 

We consider the social, environmental and economical impact our decisions have on our local and global community. We believe design, craft and quality in products—when produced responsibly—can enrich lives and better our world. That's why we focus on sustainable and ethical sourcing by selecting our partners carefully, making sure to establish partnerships with businesses who champion and practice the same values.

We proudly serve:
Counter Culture Coffee
August Uncommon Tea
Art of Tea
Clover Juice
Donut Snob
Croft Alley

We invite you to come assemble, and experience what we do.  



(424) 245-4954



634 N. Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069



Mon-Fri 7a–6p
Sat 8a–5p
Sun 8a–3p